Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The zoo!

The day before mothers day a couple of us moms took our kids to the zoo for mommy and me day. It was so much fun! I thought Brynlee was a little young but she might enjoy it, and I haven't been to the zoo for ages so I thought it would be a fun trip especially to hang out and get away from the house. Brynlee loved looking at all of the animals.
It was a good work out for me pushing Brynlee up the hills! Mindy stopped by KFC on the way so we could have lunch up their. the girls had fun playing with the rolls. Brynlee even got to taste some of the yummy food!
By the end of the day Brynlee had fallen asleep in her stroller. She was tired from all that riding around.
We had alot of fun!

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