Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I try to look at all the trials that we go through as a learning experience. I really think every thing happens for a reason. I have learned through resent trials that you need to stay close to your family.

Your family is always their for you no matter what. I have learned to draw closer to my family and spend more time with them because at the end of the day, they are the ones who stand by me.
Me and my sister have always been friends and in times of trial I seem to draw closer to her. She has helped me through so much lately and I don't know what i would do without her.
We have had so many girls nights lately and its so much fun!

When we are together we are big dorks!

She is my best friend.

The zoo!

The day before mothers day a couple of us moms took our kids to the zoo for mommy and me day. It was so much fun! I thought Brynlee was a little young but she might enjoy it, and I haven't been to the zoo for ages so I thought it would be a fun trip especially to hang out and get away from the house. Brynlee loved looking at all of the animals.
It was a good work out for me pushing Brynlee up the hills! Mindy stopped by KFC on the way so we could have lunch up their. the girls had fun playing with the rolls. Brynlee even got to taste some of the yummy food!
By the end of the day Brynlee had fallen asleep in her stroller. She was tired from all that riding around.
We had alot of fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day!

I have had the opportunity to spend allot of time with my mother lately. When I found out that I was going to be moving back home I was excited for the fact that I would be able to spend a little more appreciated time with my family and more bonding time for me and mom. Little did I know, not only would I get to spend the week with her, I got to team teach with her at church, and to top it all off we just found out, we are now visiting teaching partners. I love my mom! She thought she would get a little bit of a break from me,WRONG!
I am so grateful to have a mother like mine. There are so many times in life when I am unsure of things and my mom is right there to help me through and answer all of my questions. She is an amazing Grandma! She teaches Brynlee how to be a rough tough cowgirl, how to try new things, and most important, how to be good for her mom. Thanks mom!
I was quite emotional this Mothers Day, things wern't quite as I imagined my first Mother Day being. After church my grandma, Katelyn(Matt's friend), and my sisters family came over for dinner. The kids walked in and Brooklynn came over to me and gave me a letter with a present. I got tears in my eyes to think that my sister had thought about me on this special day. I read the letter and started crying like a baby. It was just what I needed to hear. I guess Brynlee had a talk with her Aunt Mindy and had her right some things in there as well. After reading the letter I looked in the box and saw a figurine of a mother and daughter. That was so nice of her to write such a nice letter and give me that. It made me realize the importance of being a mom. Being a mom is hard work. it is a full time job. Even though I am a single mom, I would NEVER trade this job for the world. Brynlee is not only my daughter but my best friend. I love her!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eye Doctors

I had to go to the eye doctors last Friday because it was my last day with insurance and I needed to order more contacts. I had not been in for two years so I had to go for the whole check up. It was a last minute appointment so I didn't have time to find a babysitter for Brynlee. She was really good while I got my eyes checked.I was about done and Dr. Poulter asked if I wanted to get Brynner's eyes checked before I left. I asked him what they did to check a babies eyes. He explained to me that they would have to dialate them but all would be well. I was a little nervous but I decided to let them do it. Brynlee was a big girl and didn't even cry. Look how cute she looked in her glasses. She had to sport them. I thought for sure that she would pull them off, but she liked them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Five months

Miss Brynlee is getting so big! She is now five months old and growing like a weed. She now weighs 18 lbs and is 27 inches long. Big girl, lots of love! I wanted to get our pictures taken together. I thought what a perfect time, her 5 mo mark and right before mothers day. Thanks grandma for the my early mothers day present! I must say I have a really cute baby girl!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Little Things in Life...

It seems like lately I have had my share of bad luck. First of all it all started with me and my husband getting a divorce, if that wasn't hard enough, I found out that our hunting dog had cancer and we had to put him down, oh and to top it all off I recently found out that I was getting laid off of work. Single mom being laid off, that's not good! I have found it is so easy to be angry and frustrated with others in these situations, but I have learned that it doesn't do me any good getting angry with others it just makes me a more miserable person. After having some long talks with close friends and family, I realized I need to be grateful for the things I do have and not focus so much on the things I have lost. So that being said, here are some of the many things I am grateful for.
I am grateful for a my home, that I have a roof over my head and a warm place to live.
I am grateful for a family that can help provide for Brynlee and I while I am looking for a job.
I am grateful for my friends that help me out when I am having a bad day.
I am grateful for my animals that we can enjoy as a family.
I am grateful for the challenges I face that make me a better person.
I am grateful for the Lord and all the blessings he has given me.
most of all I am thankful for Brynlee. She is the light of my life. She can change any bad day with her sweet smile. She is my best friend and my angel sent from heaven. I love her so much!
I guess the lesson I have learned is to be grateful for the little things in life.